Hello World

This will be a blog about Second Life Hunt Rewards.  Simple Title, Simple URL, Simple Goal.  I will do hunts, take pictures of the prizes, and upload them.  I will also be taking suggestions about any upcoming hunts you want covered.  Contact info to the right.  I may even put up polls!  Woo, exciting!  Everyone loves a good poll.

These will be my models:

Her name is Sarali.  She is 5″3′.  She’s not short, you’re just tall.
Standard Sizing: XS Top, XXS Bottom

Default Outfit 
Ears: Neko Ears V3 by anisa naumova

Hair: Magicka Hair // Layne by Sabina Gully

Hair Base: Emma Brows *REDGRAVE* by Emilia Redgrave

Eyebrows: LAQ ~ Red brow [Ivory] 02 by Mallory Cowen

Eyes: //ToB\\ Basic Eyes (cyan) ~ Mesh eyes, Materials enabled! by RazBabel

Pasties: Green Leaf Pasties 2 by Ariana Monaron

Tail: MT – Feline Tail – Fluffy 1.1 Red and Orange by moy loon

Feet: *GA* Flat Bare Feet by Gael Streeter

Skin: LAQ ~ Ebba – [Ivory] – 01 by Mallory Cowen

His name is Kevin.  He is 6″0′.  He is a basic human male, not at all idealized.
Standard Sizing: S

Default Outfit
Hair Base: RUBY Joshua brows by carmella ruby

Eyes: CL9eyes_JoshuaC1H00 by Claw Ninetails

Pastie: (Modded from) Green Leaf Pasties 12 by Ariana Monaron

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaCe :: Cream – Basic HB Brown CH by Iki Ikarus
No Longer Available

I will be using the default SL windlight settings set to 3PM, with a small light above me to simulate potential indoor lighting.

My graphics settings are set to High, but with Advanced Lighting Model Enabled and my Draw Distance lowered.

 Alright!  That about covers it.  Tomorrow I’ll post some actual content, but hey, gotta start somewhere.


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